If you stood on the account in the queue to receive land until January 1, 2005, then you still apply the benefits of free land for individual construction or subsidiary farming. However, as some subjects of the Russian Federation pursues a policy of immunity benefits, in order to obtain detailed information on this issue, please refer to title and statutes of your region.
Find out whether you and your family to relate to those in need of housing. To read the norms of housing per 1 person, operating in your region. If the square meters is not enough, contact the city administration to register in that capacity to obtain land in the lease (with right to repurchase). You will need to submit all documents proving that you and your family need housing.
You can before to contact the local office of the land Committee in your region to see which areas of the city can be provided plots for individual housing construction. Then write the application addressed to the head of the municipal administration in which specify which area you would like to land. If you are denied, you can appeal it in court.
Contact the Council of Veterans with the request to help you in obtaining a site, as in some cases in the city administration can refuse even to registration in the General queue to land. Unfortunately, no more than a Council of Veterans to assist you can't, so in that case, if you do not belong to categories of citizens in need of housing, you will be denied at city hall without talking.
If you were able to register for a plot, don't waste time and start collecting money for his rent, home construction and the subsequent redemption of the land.