You will need
  • -the statement;
  • -the documents proving the identity;
  • -the certificate of the veteran or the participant of military operations;
  • -marriage certificate (for widows);
  • -death certificate;
  • -certificate of death of her husband or that he is considered missing.
The state Duma has made changes to the law from 12.01.95 for the number of 5-F3, which is approved by the Federation Council and signed by the President of the Russian Federation. All the items amended on the provision of housing to veterans of the military actions, regardless of financial status or property.
In connection with changes in the law, all combat veterans, families of deceased, disabled and war veterans must be provided with housing, as mentioned above, irrespective of their financial status or property. Among the veterans are members of the conflict resolution in the Caucasus, in the Chechen Republic, in Afghanistan, the commanding staff in the resolution of conflicts in these areas, persons performing official actions in war zones, and bordering areas, veterans and war veterans and their widows.
To get housing to these persons, you need to contact your district to submit an application, submit the certificate of the participant of hostilities or confirm that they are members of the family of the deceased, the deceased participant or the disabled. No certificates certifying the material, property and other status do not need to file, in accordance with changes made in Federal law No. 5-F3.
As soon as the housing will be financed from the Federal Fund, all combatants, widows and dead, veterans and participants of great Patriotic war will receive apartments from the state.
Widows have to submit death certificate or a document stating that her husband died performing military duties and doing his duty to the Motherland. You will also need a marriage certificate, identity documents, the statement of the established sample.