By law to provide citizens with suburban land should the local authorities at the place of residence. Contact your local Council for advice.
Apply to the administration of local government. They will register it and will add you to the queue.
If you fall under the category of citizens who have the priority right to receive land in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, you must include in a separate list.
After compiling the lists, representatives of the local Council of your place of residence refer to local management, head of Fund of land redistribution.
And this body will offer you options for granting land plots or refuse to get it.
It then creates an Association of cottagers and land transferred free of charge to this partnership.
You will be given a plot in the property after approval of the project of organization and development of the territory.
If you are refused the grant of a plot, you have the right to appeal this decision in court.
There are groups of citizens who are by law to give free land for the construction of housing.
The availability of land in perpetuity. If you already have a perpetual use or lifetime inheritable possession of land and want to make it their property, in this case, you must write a letter to the appropriate government and provides a contract confirming his right to permanent use of land.
Belonging to a separate category of the population. The main categories of citizens included in the list, it's veterans, military personnel, young families, large families, young professionals in different fields categories may vary. Under Federal law they have the right to free land.
Depending on which category you belong to, you have to provide a specific list of documents.
Documents for all categories:- a statement about the desire to free property in land (household plots, individual housing construction, country construction);
- copies of passport pages.Other documents depending on the category, all copies must be notarized.
Young families:copy of marriage certificate
form No. 7 (characteristics of the dwelling),
extract from the state registry about your right to real property,
form No. 9 (certificate of registration),
if the family is incomplete, copy of child's birth,
if the family is incomplete, a copy of the certificate of adoption,
help their local government, with information on area housing, placed on one family member.
Military:copy of military record,
extract from the state registry about your right to real property,
form No. 9 (information and registration).
Large families:the documents confirming the belonging of all members of the family to the citizens of the Russian Federation,
documents confirming the cohabitation of children and parents in the region for at least five years
the registration of children according to place of residence on the territory of the region,
extract from the state registry about your right to immovable property (of the rights to land and homes) or notice of lack of such rights.
Young professionals:copy of document about education,
copy of employment contract certified by the employer,
extract from the state registry about your right to real property,
form No. 7 (characteristics of dwellings).