In each Prefecture of the Moscow district have a specialist that deals with the allocation of garden plots. If you or your family have privileges, then the plot can be obtained by writing a statement and waiting for their turn. In the group of beneficiaries included veterans of the great Patriotic war, the disabled, families with children. To try to contact the Council you can and if you have no benefits, but there is hope. You may be put in place. Land give away from the town of (100 - 150 km), but in areas with good environment.
If earlier "6 acres" was allocated fully for free, now gardeners have to shell out: preparation and obtaining of documents of title is 15-30 thousand rubles. In addition, you will have to pay for the construction of roads within the site, fencing, water intakes, fire ponds, electricity. A beginner summer visitor will have to pay 5-10 thousand rubles a month during the year. But after three years the land could be purchased.
In Moscow in 2011, officially registered about 40 thousand beneficiaries. The queue lasts for several years. If you or your family spelled out in the countryside you can get a free plot of land for construction of houses. For this the local administration you need to write a statement. It is applied by the help that you need in the ground. This paper was also obtained from the district administration.
Well, if you are categorically against the bureaucracy and queues, you can buy land in the neighboring area for very little money. For example, a house in the village in the Kaluga region with the area of 30 acres can be bought for 40 thousand rubles. Some find cheaper. The distance from Moscow is rather big, but if you like you long to relax in nature, can't live without hunting and fishing – this is your option.