You will need
  • The land code of the Russian Federation
To solve the problem of obtaining land for individual housing construction it is necessary to Look under the construction of their home free of land.
Come to the district administration, which includes the plot, with passport and write the established sample application for receiving land for individual housing construction. For the purposes of individual housing construction are suitable only free from the rights of ownership of land. The application will be considered within 2 weeks. At the end a decision will be made about the plot. He will either be allocated to hire or be appointed an auction for its sale. The local authority may publish a notice about applications for the lease of the land. If the ad for a month no one will respond, the claimant receives his rent. If there is at least one more statement, then held an auction between the applicants.
After the diversion of the plot to the applicant, and the Department of municipal economy and architecture enter into a lease agreement. Then signed the instrument of transfer of the land. With it, the citizen receives the plan, the land received with a clear indication of boundaries.
The citizen is obliged in a period specified in the lease agreement term to master entrusted to him the plot. If during this period it is not built on a rented plot house, the municipality withdraws the land back.
Article 30.1 of the Land code, there is no exception in the order of allocation of land for individual housing construction for families having persons with disabilities in the composition, for persons with disabilities. However, the laws of constituent entities of the Russian Federation stipulate preferential conditions for obtaining land under IZHS disabilities, families with disabled people and other preferential categories of citizens.
Use right for a plot of land for individual housing construction is possible only once. If a citizen will require follow-up sections, they are provided in General terms with the appropriate fee.