Find out if you are eligible for the preferential obtaining of the earth. Among the population groups, which in this case helps the state, are families with three and more minor children, needy families, the number of categories of public sector workers, young families and other categories of the population who have the right to put in the queue to receive housing from the state.
Collect the necessary documents. You will need to show papers confirming your rights to benefits - the certificate of family low-income status, family composition, marriage certificates and the birth of children, certificate from the place of work. Depending on status, you may need other documents to be determined by the local authority.
Stand in the queue in need of better housing conditions, if not already done so. In Moscow you need to apply to the district Council, in other cities - to the district administration. When registration find out whether your region's program to provide land and can take part in it.
If the program for the issuance of land there, wait for your turn to do it. You have to plot to have all communications. Construction you will need to conduct at its own expense, but some categories of the population, for example, families can receive interest-free loan for the purchase of building materials.
After obtaining the certificate to ground yourself arrange it in a property. This must be done through the local authority on whose territory is your land.