You must submit an application to the local Council. The final decision should be taken after two weeks after the development of land administration and procedures for approval of local authorities. The lawyers also say that the wait can be several years. But the final decision can accept only the administration and the Board. Land distribution is in accordance with defined plans and queues. Individuals who have any privileges, entitled to land – as a matter of priority.
If the actual place of residence is the district center, the land for which you are applying, the capital will not let you. On the one hand, this shows the discrimination factor, and on the other each area has its own land, which claims a lot of people. Therefore, in this case, it is important to have a place of residence, work, time during which the citizen lives there, and paying taxes.
The land code established that for horticulture and gardening citizens have the right to obtain ownership of 12 acres of land. If you build a house from the village, no more than 25 acres, in townships 15 and 10 acres. For the construction of garages 1 hectare, and farms about 2 hectares.
The problem of obtaining free land concerned, as well as wishing to obtain, and state power. All this because of wanting to free the land large quantity, and means for marking boundaries, surveying and determination of status of land is not enough. In order, to arrange the status of this issue currently under amendment procedure for granting free land plots on the area.