You will need
  • Pickles, hot peppers, vodka, pumpkin, rock salt, ammonia, camphor, alcohol, wild rosemary, Apple cider vinegar, black pepper, vegetable oil.
Methods of treating numbness of fingers familiar folk medicine. Take three salted cucumber and dice it. You will also need red hot pepper (3 PCs.) and vodka (0,5 l). Pour vodka cucumber with pepper and leave for seven days. Strain. Use as a hand lotion.
Numbness of the fingers will help pumpkin. The vegetable must be boiled and applied to the hand. The hand should be warmed with wool scarf. The course of treatment is 6 days.
In one liter of water, add rock salt (1 tbsp), ten percent aqueous ammonia (50 g), camphor alcohol (10 ml). Mix thoroughly. Massage into your fingers.
Prepare a tincture of wild rosemary and Apple cider vinegar. Components are taken 1:3 and infused for weeks. RUB the medicine in the morning, afternoon and evening.
If numbness in fingers is associated with a sedentary lifestyle, use the method of the Tibetan monks. Pour into a wide bowl of hot water and push the bottom with your fingers. Soon the numbness should pass. Good effect have contrast baths for hands.
To remove the numbness from the fingers try using black pepper. 100 gr black pepper pour one liter of vegetable oil. Place on low heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Cool. Use oil, rubbing the fingers.
Wake up, start to bend fingers with maximum power. The exercise should be repeated up to 80 times. Next, you need the wall to stand on tiptoes and raise arms. Keep this posture for a count of 60. Performing these exercises, you can achieve amazing results.