You will need
  • Bleaching agent, St. John's wort extract and a body scrub.
A hot bath with an extract of St. John's wort helps the skin to relax, and will also slightly reduce the intensity of the tan. However, this method has its pitfalls. The fact is that after too long a water treatment the sun can get stained, it will only worsen the overall look.
After the bath it is desirable to remove the dead skin cells with a hard sponge or scrub. Many women believe that excess tan can be washed off. However, this is misleading. Melanin, which is responsible for darkening of the skin, is produced exclusively in the deep layers of the skin. Therefore, to be hoped that the skin after these procedures strongly will fade, not worth it.
After the skin is properly cleaned, you can apply it on whitening products. Excellent properties of this kind could have a lemon, cucumber and dairy products.