Unfortunately, sometimes the sun goes not the way you want. The straps of the swimsuit, sunglasses and even the use of cosmetics can serve as reasons why the sun will form spots. But if lying on the beach in the daytime, you can easily burn or overdo the tan. What to do in this case? You can wait a few weeks until the tan will not come down himself, or try to get rid of it with improvised means.

Folk remedies

The advantage of the public funds before beauty is in their naturalness. Some products are not only inferior cosmetics on the effectiveness of, but also cause less harm to the skin.

Whitening effect has lemon juice. Use in its pure form it is not recommended due to the aggressive effects of citric acid. However, you can prepare a tonic by mixing lemon juice and cucumber. This mixture wipe the spot with a bad sunburn. If you mix lemon juice with yogurt or low fat sour cream will work effective whitening mask.

Unlike lemon, cucumber can be used independently. Or cut it into slices and apply to the sun or RUB on a small grater and apply as a mask.

Potato juice also has a bleaching effect. Potatoes should be grated and without draining the juice, apply the resulting slurry on the skin.

To get rid of sunburn, you can use parsley. You must finely chop the succulent stems and squeeze the juice from them. Then wipe the skin be sure to wash with cool water.


From cosmetic products to get rid of a sunburn will help a variety of peels and scrubs. You can use any tools for your skin type. Instead of a scrub you can use a rough sponge. These treatments exfoliate the top layer of skin along with unwanted tan.

In the Arsenal of many cosmetic companies there are creams and lotions with whitening effect. Choosing such a tool, you should pay attention to the composition. When using acids it is necessary to use protective cream with UV filter.

To get rid of redness if the skin is burned, it is recommended to use "Panthenol". The tool will help to ease the pain and quickly restore the skin, removing redness.

Sometimes the problem is easier to prevent than to find a way out. The best time for sunbathing is from 9 till 11 am and after 16 PM. At this time the risk of burns is much lower, and the tan falls evenly. Use of sunscreens also would benefit.