Consider some simple masks that will perfectly charred soothe sensitive skin and will quickly reduce inflammation.

Mask 1. Kefir

The most simple in execution mask of charred skin. All that is required is a yogurt or sour cream, pre-constant in the fridge. Yogurt to moisten a few scraps of soft fabric, then gently lay them on a heavily charred places and to lie quiet until, until there is a feeling that the yogurt is heated in contact with skin. Then the procedure can be repeated several times. After the mask rinse with cool water, trying to use a weak pressure, as the burned skin sensitive to the slightest touch.

The result: after the first application, you notice that the burning subsided and the pain gradually goes away the unpleasant feeling of tight skin. This mask is the real salvation for those who have nothing at hand.

Mask 2. Grated carrots or raw potatoes

Another effective mask which can help to reduce inflammation of the skin. On the very fine grater need to grate a couple of carrots or one large potato, and then put all the thick pulp on the burnt places.

The result: after 10-15 minutes, a mask is disappearing sense of "fire" on the skin.

Mask 3. Lotions with strong tea

Old-fashioned methods always saved and more than one generation will save you from different troubles. Another old and proven remedy for burnt skin, strong black tea. Gauze or any other soft cloth for a few minutes soaked in cooled strong tea, and then applied to sore places.

The result: noticeably are the redness and the effect of "tight skin".

Mask 4. Sea buckthorn oil

A potent remedy for burns on the skin. But what is it about sea buckthorn, since she quickly heals wounds burns and contributes to the decline? The most important component of sea buckthorn are sterols – substances that speed up cell regeneration, that is, give the possibility of burnt skin heal faster. Thanks to this, sea buckthorn seed oil has long been claimed as a powerful tool for burns of different severity.

The entire mask lies in the careful application of oil on the burnt skin.

The result: with regular use, burns completely disappear, taking with them the redness, pain and inflammation.