First, after tanning it is necessary to take a very cool shower. Hot water not only increases the redness, but also destroys the delicate natural protective layer of the skin. Do not use a washcloth or sponge, except that only nourishing and gentle shower gel (preferably ph neutral). Remember that showering after tanning - this is a mandatory procedure.
Moisten and soothe the skin: first, the tan will last long only when well-moisturized skin, and secondly, after UV exposure your skin needs to urgently replenish moisture! Choose light creams or gels with natural extracts, such as chamomile, which soothes the skin and reduces redness. Do not use a heavy nourishing creams, they are unlikely to help hide the redness. Well, if you manage to find the funds with menthol that will cool skin and will effectively remove redness.
If you feel that you burned, try to remove redness with the pulp of avocado and peach (although quite suitable and apricot) oil. They contain a huge amount of nutrients which will come to the aid of your skin affected by intense UV exposure.
With potential burns and redness after tanning great fight various herbal extracts: sage, already mentioned above, chamomile, parsley and celandine. In addition, an excellent means is a brewed black or green tea, which need to soak cotton wool or gauze and apply on affected areas for about 20-30 minutes.