The most common remedy - sour cream. Take sour cream any fat, but fatter than she is, the better. Lubricate the area of redness and wait after some time the redness will begin to subside. But there is one significant drawback - the smell. The sour cream will start to stink, so as soon as you will feel relieved, and the redness should go away, rinse it with body. Then apply any nourishing cream.
Good help different oils. You can use any you have in your house: olive, sunflower, burdock and camphor even. Apply a small amount of oil on the skin, and after a few hours you will notice visible results. Olive oil can not wash away the rest of the oils, in principle, too, but if you don't like the smell, you can wash it off in the usual shower gel.
Suitable and modern means, the benefit of a lot of them now. Buy any cream after sunbathing and use it. There are also creams that are designed to eliminate not only redness, but also directly burn. To apply the cream on damaged skin, but wash them and do not need. Have a pleasant smell and have a calming effect. If you notice clear redness after tanning, go home, while in the nearest pharmacy.