You will need
  • - yogurt or sour cream;
  • - the sage;
  • - professional whitening products.
To get rid of the ugly tan in different ways: bleaching agents, peels and scrubs. The combination of these tools allows you to achieve results much earlier.
The most effective natural remedies for whitening tanning are kefir and sour cream. They contained lactic acid perfectly brightens the skin. But to get the desired result use them regularly for 10-15 days. Apply any of them at first thin, then thick layer and leave for 15-20 minutes. Next, take a shower, and the skin left a peculiar odor, be sure to use the cream-gel. It is softer and will not cause dryness and peeling of the skin.
No less effective remedy for sunburn is peeling bath with a normal washcloth. A visit to the steam room, followed by dousing with cold water improves circulation and blood flow to the skin. As a result of enhanced nutrition in improved cellular metabolism and renewal. The sponge also saves your skin from the pigmented dead skin cells. Enough 2 visits a week to 10 days from the sun was only visible trail.
If ugly tan threatens to spoil the upcoming plans,, use the advanced salon of ways, such as chemical peeling or laser skin whitening. However, these treatments are not only advantages, but disadvantages. To get quick result you have to influence the deeper layers of the dermis, after which it requires recovery within 10-30 days. This period can be increased dryness and peeling, therefore, intensively cares for the skin and nurture it with the help of various masks and vitamins.
To fix individual pigmented areas of the skin use bleach from Decleor, kodali, Darfan. Buy them little, because they can be selective and not all give the same positive result. In addition, before use, be sure to do a test for portability.
Using any procedure for skin whitening, use tools with an ultraviolet filter, for example, creams or sage broth. Apply them before each exit to the street, in addition, avoid prolonged sun exposure and direct exposure to its rays on the skin.