First of all, if after visiting the Solarium on your body there are spots, refrain from any further sessions, at least at the time of treatment. Don't sunbathe under the sun and wear closed clothes and use special protective creams.
Be sure to consult your doctor. He will conduct the necessary survey and find out the true causes of pigmentation on your skin and then prescribe the right treatment. Remember that to apply the products and use funds to combat pigment spots only under the supervision of a specialist.
For pigmentation removal, there are various bleaching creams and ointments. In the composition may include mercury or substances that can cause an allergic reaction, so before use apply a small amount to the skin on the inner side of the wrist. If you do not have irritation, itching, rash or redness, you can use these cream.
Beauticians and dermatologists recommend to choose bleaching agents based on fatty creams, because they do not contain water (contact with water can cause different reactions on the skin) and not so toxic. Remember that when using such ointments to wash water cannot be used – use the special tonics, lotions or sour milk.
There are also many folk recipes for skin whitening using natural remedies. The composition of such masks usually includes lemon juice or peel, infusion of elderberry, cabbage juice, egg white, honey.
If the cosmetic bleaching agents do not help you to cope with pigment spots, your doctor may advise you to undergo a chemical peel. This procedure is based on the use of acids that burn the top layer of skin, causing it is removed along with the entire pigmentation. The cost for chemical peeling in various beauty salons and centres varies from two to four thousand rubles.
Another procedure that can offer you the specialists, laser resurfacing of the face. Its effect is similar to chemical peeling, but this method uses a laser, not acid. It is much more expensive than peeling, but much more effective and less dangerous. In addition, the recovery of the skin after such a procedure will be at least two times faster than when using acids.
One of the newest methods of dealing with excessive pigmentation – phototherapy. During this procedure, the skin is not damaged, in contrast to the previous two. Deleted in this way spots, subject to recommendations of the doctor, will not appear, and the restoration of the skin occurs in just a couple of days.