Painful redness after sun exposure, and sometimes fever, chills and nausea in the bargain - all these signs indicate that you are burned. There are different skin types, one is enough and ten minutes under the scorching sun to get a burn and the other will suffer just after the hour. Regardless of this, the treatment for sunburn is the same.

To start protect the influence of sunlight on the burned area of the skin. Close clothing, scarf or hat with a wide brim. The period of greatest solar activity is better not to come out of the shadows.

To alleviate burning sensation, pain and redness of the effect, you can make multiple masks for the skin. For example, grease it with fresh, cool yogurt or sour cream high fat content. Dairy products are a great help in the fight against sunburn.

Cut a raw potato and apply its juice on the affected area of the skin.

Brew strong green tea in a small amount of water, cool it and make a compress - dampen a fluid gauze and apply to skin for ten minutes.

Lubricate the usual vodka burn, and redness the next day starts to turn into a brown tan.

If you have the opportunity to find aloe, cut from it two or three leaves and put it in the fridge for half an hour. Squeeze the juice from the chilled leaves and apply it on burnt skin.

You can use medical drugs that promote healing of burns and wounds. They are most often made in the form of sprays, foams or gels and is able to ease the pain within half an hour after application.

Burnt down in the sun, you will have to follow some rules. Refrain from alcohol-based skin, they have a negative impact on the damaged skin. Taking a shower, not use soap, choose a gentle gels. Bathe in warm or cool water and time, avoid hot baths.