You will need
  • - baby oil;
  • cream - after sun balm;
  • - potatoes;
  • - potato starch;
  • - gauze;
  • - cottage cheese;
  • - sour cream or yogurt;
  • - cabbage leaves;
  • bint.
Anti-inflammatory drugs will help you reduce the likelihood of serious damage to epidermal cells and also reduce skin inflammation. The sooner you accept the drugs, the faster they will act. After sunbathing take a lukewarm or even cold shower, ensure the water was not hot, as this will only hurt the already burnt skin can lead to peeling and irritation. After tanning, your body needs hydration, so you need to give preference to detergents based on natural oils, which perfectly soothe the skin.
After a shower, gently Pat the body with a soft towel, lubricate the skin cream-balm after tanning or baby oil. These funds are excellent calm the skin and help to achieve sustainable tan will help prevent peeling.
Potatoes perfectly soothes the skin and helps fight sunburn. Take a medium potato, wash it and peel, grate on a fine grater, cool in the fridge. Then apply the potato paste to the burnt skin and keep for fifteen minutes. Sunburns heal fast, if you sprinkle the affected area with potato starch. The skin calms down, will accelerate the process of regeneration. Can be dissolved in water starch, to moisten the gauze and apply to the sore spot.
Cottage cheese compress helps to alleviate the pain and cooling the skin. Take a double layer of cheesecloth, add cheese, wrap and store in the freezer. Apply a cold compress from cheese to burned skin. Don't let the wrap heat up. In the fight against sunburn copes sour cream. This is one of the best known remedies in folk medicine, which cools, moisturizes and reduces the burning sensation on the skin. Apply to burns to cool the yogurt or sour cream a few times a day. When the layer of dairy product dries, rinse it and apply a new one. You cannot apply this recipe in damaged skin or the presence of large blisters.
Fresh cabbage leaves is another known remedy for sunburn. Cabbage leaves are perfectly calm the skin after sunbathing, ease pain and reduce swelling. Drench with boiling water the leaves so they become soft. Cool and apply to the burn, secure it with bandage. Change the cabbage poultice every two to three hours.