You will need
  • - sunscreen cosmetics for skin and hair;
  • - light clothing with long sleeves;
  • - hat with brim;
  • - the sunglasses.
Wear sunscreen for the skin that can reflect harmful sun rays. Each medium has a protection factor. It is marked with letters and numbers SPF, such as SPF-15. Children and people with fair skin should only use products with protection factors from SPF 30 and above. When buying sunscreen, be sure to pay attention to the expiration date. Cream apply liberally to exposed skin 15-20 minutes before sun exposure. Apply a new batch of cream after each bath. Pay special attention to nose, cheekbones, lips, ears, shoulders, chest and knees - normally tan first.
Don't neglect sun care for hair. They also suffer from exposure to the sun. Don't plan for summer color and Perm hair as little as possible use a Hairdryer. Being in the sun, always hide your hair under a hat.
Try not to be in the sun in a period of intense radiation from 11 to 16 hours. If you are at the beach, always choose the place with an umbrella or sit in the dense shade of trees. After bathing necessarily wipe dry with a towel as droplets remaining on the body, act as miniature lenses and can cause a burn.
Prefer spacious and bright clothing, which covers the main part of the body. If you walk under the scorching sun can not be undone, have an umbrella from the sun. Protect eyes quality sunglasses, do not skimp on your health.
Use the night cream with vitamin C, it will prevent the appearance of pigment spots. Limit your use of sulfonamides, tetracyclines, diuretics, and antihistamines. Give up on the summer period from oral hormonal contraceptives. All of these drugs significantly increase the skin's sensitivity to the sun.