The easiest way to get rid of tanning – not to pay attention to him. Over time, unwanted shade leaves. Often take a shower, well rubbing the skin soapy washcloth and rinse with plenty of water. Cheap tools off of the skin for 3-7 days, dear tan can stay 2 weeks.
If you quickly want to wash the tan, wet skin. Namely soak for 30 minutes in a warm bath or visit the sauna. Then apply a scrub or peeling for the body on the sponge and massage over skin. Instead of the scrub is perfect ground coffee or ground sea salt. Usually one treatment can get rid of the tan completely.
Apply on cotton wool cleansing milk or lotion to remove makeup and RUB the skin with bronzer. It is soft, delicate means will gradually make the bronzer less visible, it is suitable for problematic skin. More effectively treats the paint on the body of the tool for removing makeup alcohol-based.
A potent way to remove the quality spray tan – with the help of alcohol. Moisten a cotton pad with pure alcohol, gently RUB the skin. Be careful: alcohol dries the skin badly. Immediately it is recommended to apply a body cream.
Dilute fresh juice of one lemon with water in proportion 1:1. Saturate a cotton pad and wipe the skin with bronzer. After 15 minutes, take a shower. Lubricate the skin nourishing cream. Tan should significantly brighten and become more even and natural.
Vinegar works on the principle of lemon juice. To completely get rid of tanning, take a few treatments wiping during the day.
3% hydrogen peroxide solution soak a cotton pad and wipe his skin. The effect is even greater than with the use of vinegar or lemon juice. Don't forget to apply a nourishing lotion on the body after the procedure.