And here you are standing before a dilemma: to purchase a new muffler at the parts store or try to do it with their hands. Purchase somewhat alarming. It is unclear what firm made the silencer what material, and workmanship often causes mistrust. There is a desire to try to make this simple item at home. Especially that replacement for the standard straight-through muffler will help to increase the engine power.
External dimensions and mounting elements in front of your eyes. Measure them and purchase the basic materials for the manufacture of a new silencer. Body, to increase its service life, it is better to make stainless steel. Flange use old, cut them with a angle grinder. The connecting pipe and adjust to the new made from pipe of suitable diameter and convex pattern.
Now decide what you want to get the result of the muffler. It could be a exhaust system which:
- Does not reduce engine power;

- Reduces the engine power while reducing noise when it is working.
In the first case, the necessary flow muffler device without any energy-absorbing chambers. Its principle is freed the faster the engine cylinders from the exhaust, the less the effort required for their removal, the greater the power received at the output. Following a number of simple steps, you will receive the "roaring" exhaust, indicating the power of your car.
The second option for lovers of a quiet life. If you avoid conflict relationships with others, do it in the muffler stuffing. It is known that noise is vibrations in the air caused by the speed of the gases removed from the muffler into the atmosphere. In order to lower it substantially and thereby reduce the noise level, you need speed to lower the pressure of gases and their speed from the moment of their entry into the muffler until the removal of the exhaust pipe. To do this, the pipe running to the muffler, make a hole and fasten the partitions, which will divide the space of the muffler on the camera.
The exhaust gases entering the silencer through the holes in the pipe, fill the volume of the first chamber, i.e. expand. Since the volume of the chamber is restricted gases through the same holes in the tube fall into the following chamber. The pressure decreases because of the energy expended to increase, and then decrease in the first chamber. And so from chamber to chamber to exit the muffler.

The speed of the exhaust gases will be reduced, which will lead to a significant reduction of noise when they are released into the atmosphere.