Setting turboswitch in the output channel automotive muffler allows you to create when the engine is running, the simulated sound of the turbocharger. This gives you the opportunity to select a car from the General mass of cars on the road, to bring it to the attention of other drivers and pedestrians. The use of the whistle gives the driver the feeling of possessing a more powerful and expensive car that gives confidence when driving.

The sound of the whistle varies depending on the operating mode of the engine. At low revs the sound of the whistle corresponds to the slight whistle of the turbocharger at idle and when pressing on the gas pedal increases in accordance with velocity of motion. Whistle sound pleasant to the ear and does not cause negative feelings, which distinguishes this device from straight-through mufflers.

The basic layout

To put the whistle on the muffler, you need to choose the right size. Manufacturers offer to install the machine turboswitch made in one of the four versions. Size of whistle is designed for installation on certain model cars depends on engine size.

Whistles the minimum size S is designed for use on scooters and motorcycles. The mufflers of cars with an engine volume of 1.5 l whistle set of size M, and for vehicles with engine displacement from 1.5 to 2.0 l size L. On non-standard models of silencers and cars with engines larger than 2.0 l are set turboswitch size XL. Structurally, the whistles of various sizes differ in the diameter of the orifice, which may be 25, 30 or 35 mm.

Design features and installation

The body of the whistle is made of high quality aluminium – light and durable metal, are not susceptible to corrosion. One of the structural elements of the whistle is the regulator that changes the quantity passing through it of air. Changing the position of the controller, you can set the desired timbre of sound.

To install the muffler whistle has a special curved bracket, which contains the hole with the clamping bolt. To set turboswitch enough to put it in the exhaust pipe of the exhaust silencer and fasten with the bolt. This action is not particularly difficult, so the installation can be performed as in the automotive workshop, and independently.