Homemade motorcycle, like any other homemade vehicle (STS) can be registered with the traffic police authorities only on the condition that it meets the requirements laid down in the Russian and international legal acts applied in the Russian Federation.

So, your motorcycle must meet the specifications set out in the GOST R system and the UNECE Regulations.
The document confirming compliance with the standard, is called a "certificate" and a document confirming the compliance with the international regulations - "approval of a vehicle type".

Produces these documents, and suspends or cancels the action the Federal Agency for technical regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart). This is the same Department manages the entire system of Russian certification bodies.
Your motorcycle will undergo an inspection of technical condition in the test laboratories of divisions of traffic police or in specially accredited maintenance facilities -PTO.

To the lab for testing imagine the motorcycle itself and also submit: an application for a certificate (type approval vehicle); a statement confirming the distinctive characteristics of a motorcycle, engineering, or other technical documentation and technical description of STS.

If the self-made motorcycle created on the basis of other vehicles ("remake") that was previously certified in Russia, in the lab, turn in a list included in the basic vehicle design changes and related design documentation for the updated nodes.
In the testing center performs the certification tests of the vehicle and analysis is provided by the manufacturer technical documentation. After that, given the conclusion about possibility or impossibility of obtaining a certificate sent in Rosstandart.

The issued certificate confirms the safety of motorcycle design for traffic participants, the environment, life, medical, property, etc. the validity of this document is not restricted, unless the legislation is not amended on the technical characteristics of the improvised vehicles.
If all the motorcycle test is successful, the certificate of conformity present in STSI for the implementation of registration and registration. In addition, you need to pass in the traffic police with the following documents: a statement about the production motorcycle on the account, the document proving your identity, the document certifying the right of ownership of the motorcycle insurance insurance policy.

After the procedure of registration in the traffic police will receive a certificate of registration of the vehicle technical passport on him.