You will need
  • - the resin of coniferous plants;
  • - metal pot or the Bank;
  • - wooden shovel;
  • - cardboard boxes-forms.
Manufacturer of rosin start by gathering resin. A base resin of all pine trees, but is most often used fir or pine. For the preparation of rosin on an industrial scale SAP collected from the trees for felling. In this case, made the notches in the lower part of which is fixed a metal chute or funnel. According to him, the resin flows in, tied to a tree receptacle. A sufficient amount of resin can be collected by logging or in a sawmill, where harvested timber is dried softwood. The resin is very often acts on the lumber and on fresh stumps. SAP is collected by winding it on a clean wooden stick. You can scrape it off with a scraper or with a spoon in a metal can or pot.
A pot or jar with turpentine put on fire. It is best to prepare a resin on a fire outdoors. The resin will melt and boil, releasing a pair of turpentine. Periodically stir the contents of the pot, removing from the surface of the foam and pop-up waste. Heat the resin until, until you stop the boiling and the allocation of turpentine. In the process, avoid strong fire - otherwise the tar fumes can be ignited. If this happens, cover the pot with a thick cloth. Simmer water in this case is impossible.
After the termination of the boil you in the pot will turn transparent viscous liquid characteristic amber color. Pour it in the prepared cardboard shape. You can pour resin and metal pans, and plastic, but cardboard it is easier then to get. If necessary, you can filter the resin through a fine metal mesh. Keep in mind that this substance hardens very quickly, so we have to work too quickly. The remains from the bottom of the pot into molds do not pour, there is usually accumulate debris. Leave the boxes to freeze in the air. The cooled resin is ready for use.