Advice 1: How to change exhaust sound

The sound of the exhaust is the original voice of the car, so loving owners try to follow the sounds opened the engine. In some cases unusual sound of the exhaust indicates a system fault.
How to change exhaust sound
You will need
  • - Bulgarian;
  • - welding machine;
  • nozzle on the muffler;
  • - anti-corrosion composition.
Try to understand the nature of sound changed the exhaust system. To do this, press several times on the accelerator pedal with the engine running. It is better to ask to povazovat one of his friends, to be able to listen to the noise on the street.
Please note that dripping water from exhaust pipe. If the fluid continues to ooze even after fifteen minutes of operation of the engine, the exhaust system is faulty and requires repair.
Driving a car on the overpass or on the pit. It is best to call the nearest service station and pick up the car on the electric lift. Inspect the muffler.
You should carefully check the place where the muffler is inserted into the reservoir. The reason can be a depressurize the adapter. In this case, you need to replace the rubber gasket and re-weld the muffler to the manifold.
Check all fasteners. Loose need to be replaced. It is best to use as fastenings of aluminium or plastic clamps. Carefully attach them to the muffler along the entire length.
Inspect the bottom of the car. Fading indicate that the silencer touches the body. In these places you need to put the rubber strip, coat the metal with anti-corrosive composition.
Remove the catalysts, if you want to give your car bass sports sound. To do this, disassemble the silencer. Find the place where you installed the catalysts. Make cuts with a grinder. Remove the housing of the catalyst. Weld the cut piece back.
Install a special nozzle on the muffler if you don't want to make any technical changes. Such nozzles are inserted into the pipe end. In the middle of such nozzles are small propellers. They quickly begin to twist and create sound when exhaust gases are pulled out from the pipe. The character of the sound depends on the number of blades and the location of the nozzle.

Advice 2 : How to fix a silencer

If the muffler starts to rattle and Bang on the car body, so damaged fixing it. To avoid unnecessary vibration driving the car on a pit or hoist and run a diagnosis on the muffler. In that case, if the collapsed mounting, remove the muffler, weld it again and reinstall it. If the incident occurred on the road, tied the muffler with wire.
How to fix a silencer
You will need
  • key set, welding machine, mild steel wire, a set of rubber stops
With the disengagement of the muffler from the mounting, continue driving with caution to the elements of vibration from damaging the vehicle body. Driving the car on the pit and determine what elements of the muffler collapsed. Weld them and then reinstall. Note, however, that the muffler is mounted on a special rubber suspension, which should be replaced, because with the increased vibration they can break. If the mounting entire obtyanite the bolts that fix the muffler.
The complete destruction of the silencer, take it off, whirling attachment. Be careful not to damage the parts that are around him. If the nut is stuck so that they cannot remove the key, gently rock the tube from side to side, if that does not work, cut the bolts.
When installing be sure to use new rubber hangers, gaskets and clamps and mounting bolts and nuts. When tightening clamps, control efforts to the muffler pipe has not been deformed. Assembling the muffler, use a special sealant compounds, wouldn't that put all the gaskets. This will ensure quiet operation of the engines and will make it impossible for any exhaust leaks.
Be careful, if the sealant gets inside the exhaust pipe and lambda probe, he definitely will bring it down. After installation make sure all parts of the muffler installed horizontally, without bias, otherwise the tightness can not be achieved.
In case if the muffler will come off on the road, away from populated areas, carry a piece of soft steel wire, will be enough length to 1 m. Secure the muffler in place, cut off the mounts with wire. This will not eliminate vibration but will prevent further degradation of the silencer. As soon as possible, immediately head to the repair.

Advice 3 : How to put a silencer

Very often car owners are faced with the need to replace the muffler. In most cars, the exhaust system is arranged in such a way as to put the muffler usually is not difficult, except for some moments.
How to put a silencer

To yourself to put the muffler, use trestle or pit. We'll drive her car and be sure to put stops under the wheels. Inspect the exhaust system. If the muffler had not changed, first treat all connections corrosion liquid. You can use regular kerosene or vinegar.

In that case, if the parts of the muffler are connected by inner flanges with the connecting ring, the greatest difficulties arise when replacing only due to the presence of rust. Unscrew the bolts, remove the flange and simply screw on a silencer. If the connection parts silencer made "pipe in pipe", as follows.

"Knock" first connection using two hammers. Keep one of them as the base for the pipe upon impact. Have an assistant during obstaravania wiggle from side to side the back of the muffler. The internal rust will crumble a bit, the connection will weaken, and it can be separate.

If obstaravanie did not help, do the following. Take a flat head screwdriver and insert it into the slit on the outside of the pipe. Atribuite strike metal pipe in section. This technique will weaken the joint and will help to stir up the exhaust pipe.

If you need to replace only the exhaust pipe (the so-called "pants") or to change the gasket silencer on the discharge flange to first prepare the connection. Lubricate the nut compound against rust. Carefully, without any special effort, knock the nuts of a flange of a reception pipe of the muffler through the end head.

Loosen the connection carefully, without applying unnecessary force to avoid damage to them. Otherwise you'll have to disassemble the engine to drill chip carving. Use to loosen the key "head" and "knob". If you use carob keys, this will lead, subsequently, to the impossibility of seizure of the screws, even with mechanical heads. Do loosening-and-fro motion in order to cleaned threads of the thread.

Put a new muffler. Details need to be set straight. Use new mounting bolts and nuts, new gaskets and clamps. When installing be sure to lubricate the threads with graphite grease, so that later they are not attached to each other. Do not tighten the clamps so the muffler pipe is not deformed. Then make out such a connection would be very difficult.

Use special Assembly sealant for the exhaust system, ensure that it does not enter inside the pipe. All of these little tricks will extend the service life of the new muffler, and to facilitate dismantling in the future.

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