Such an important pipe

From appearing in city streets over a hundred years ago a roaring car horse shied away and clung to the houses passers-by. The problem of increased noise of mechanical means of transportation, could become an obstacle for entering a car in the city's infrastructure. Since the engine power has grown immensely, and today intentionally use the car without a muffler just to anybody in a head will not come. This is only possible on closed tracks during the special competition of high-speed sports cars – the muffler takes away some of the engine's power. Besides the fact that the muffler reduces the noise produced by the exhaust of the engine, his duty is also to erupting extinguish the flames and cool the excessively hot exhaust gases. Another objective of this unit is the reduction of exhaust emissions.

Device muffler

What is popularly called in short "silencer", is a curved tubular structure, which consists of several parts. Directly from the engine, each cylinder are pipes, or "pants", rigidly attached to it and converged into one. This is the exhaust manifold. The manifold is already a "pipe in pipe" on the bracket attached to the muzzle. In this place the most frequently cut off the muffler. The reason may be repeatedly hitting the bottom of the obstacle, in which the muffler comes out of the "pants" and floats. The rest of the parts held together firmly and can be subjected to mechanical stress, getting dents or punctures, but remain generally in place.

What to do

To off from the "pants" muffler back in place, it is necessary to get under the car. On the road, if you have a will be Jack, will have to Excel based on the conditions. Indeed, given that such an incident happens right at the road, hope for a passing car with a Jack low. You can, for example, to collide with the rise of the front wheel.

Important. If you just slacken the nuts on the clamp is inserted with the help of the assistant pipe in place and re-clamp nuts muffler soon again can get out of the "pants" even from concussions. So be sure to put it under the nut for more washers and better nuts of a larger size instead of the washers, and tighten the clamp. Again keep safe!