In the manufacture of the kurai do not use young plants, wait until late summer - early fall, as the stems must be thoroughly Mature. Cut plants in the following way: grasp the stem with your hands, measure out 8-10 times the width of the palm, and then cut. Then carefully dry the workpiece, protected from sunlight and make five holes. Holes parasite bottom, one at the distance of two fingers, three at a distance of two fingers and last on the reverse side. The length of the kurai do from 570 mm to 810 mm. Also take note of the following point: the wall plants should not be too thick, otherwise you will not be able to achieve high-quality sound during games. In ancient times, masters were able to cheat nature, they cut the chicken right at the time of its flowering, and then poured into its stem and fine sand, as a result, the stem is worked hard and fairly thin.
Moreover, museums kurai made of different metals. It should be noted that the true experts do not approve of samples of iron, aluminum, copper, they even claim that such tools can be harmful to human health. Although in ancient times were often made kurai made of precious metals, it was considered prestigious. Modern Bashkir musicians use in their Arsenal kurai of wood, but true connoisseurs still believe vegetable tool without any competition.
It should take into account the fact that the art of playing chicken requires skill to play so-called chest voice. My rating is only for the beginner, the professional shall perform the melody very gently and heartfelt, but at the same time loud, music needs to produce a powerful impact on the audience. If you listen to the sounds of the kurai in the nature, among the mountains, you will definitely feel how perfectly this tool merges with the surrounding nature, though he becomes its integral part.