You will need
  • 1. Welding machine,
  • 2. sandpaper,
  • 3. white spirit,
  • 4. cold welding.
Brewing muffler is possible only in the case when the violation of its integrity occurred when hitting an obstacle. Can be repaired in many garage workshops, elimination of small cracks or burnout is inexpensive, and if you are confident, you don't have the necessary equipment – it is better to consult the experts. If the hole in the muffler was the result of corrosion, welding, most likely, will not help. In this case, the metal around the hole is also typically thinned to the limit. Can sometimes help a patch of sheet metal that are welded to the power hull seams (these seams are thick and resist rust longer).
Independently carry out repairs to the muffler by welding is only if you have a viewing hole and semi-automatic welding and experience welding on it.
Caribaea clean the surface from residues and rust. Before you begin welding, be sure to turn off the vehicle ignition, disconnect the battery – this is required for security purposes. After welding, remove the slag, gently cleaning it with sandpaper.
You can use cold welding. For the average motorist it's the most affordable method. Clean the surface of the muffler around the hole or cracks with sandpaper, remove all contamination and degrease with acetone, white spirit or other similar means. Prepare a cold weld according to the instructions that comes with it, and apply the weld on the hole, carefully concealing all imperfections. Let the welding zastynut.
In any case, be prepared for the fact that brewing the muffler will fail or the result will leave much to be desired. It is likely to occur in the muffler new holes next to the weld. Much safer to buy a new muffler and install it to replace the old.