If you use the phone as a modem to your computer, install java applications. You will need to run a special browser that was originally designed for mobile phones. Its name is Mozilla, and you can easily download it in a network the Internet, as it is freely available.
After installing java the emulator, run the browser before you connect disable the display of images in the settings. The essence of the browser and its fundamental difference from other is that before you send information to the computer, it compresses it through a proxy server, and then sends you on your computer. Thus, savings up to 90% of the original traffic, while the download speed increases two to three times.
If you use Internet via your mobile phone, copy the Opera mini browser or on a flash card for your phone, either through the usb cable. You can also move it via infrared and bluetooth connection. Once you have downloaded the browser on the phone, turn off the display of pictures and enjoy quick and convenient Internetom.