Advice 1: How to increase Internet speed MTS

When there is an urgent need to quickly upload a file or call to a video call to a colleague, a particularly vexing problem is getting the speed limit of the Internet. The modems and the phone is such a nuisance occurs in two tariff plans – "BIT" and "Super-BIT".
How to increase Internet speed MTS
If you use the machine connected to the Internet via a SIM card MTS, and want to increase speed, find out for starters what do you have tariff options. When you connect the tariff "BITS" you can use not more than 5 MB per hour or 70 MB per day. If you exceed this quota, the sum of all information, the Internet speed is automatically reduced to 64/16 Kbps until the end of the hour or day. The same speed reduction and you'll discover when you connect to the tariff "Super-BIT". Only in this case, the amount of traffic you will have more – 15 MB per hour 100 MB per day.
Once you define your plan, you will be able to navigate the conditions under which decreases the speed of the Internet. In the result finding that you exceeded, the Internet speed dropped, use special features from MTS – "Turbo button". It removes all existing restrictions on the speed of the Internet and the amount of traffic and is valid for either two hours or six hours. Activation of this service may occur in three ways.
To use the "Turbo button", please, Dial the combination of symbols *111*622# if you want to connect service for two hours, or replace the 622 626 for six hours of coverage. The second option - send a short SMS message with text 622 or 626 to the short number "111" and wait for activation.
The third connection option the "Turbo button" - via the Internet. Open your Internet browser and type the address Dial on your phone combination of symbols *111*25# and get the password, then in the tab "Internet assistant", enter the phone number and password.
Useful advice
Connect the "Turbo button" is better at real speed drop, because its duration is limited, and payment is already taken from your account balance at the time of activation.

Advice 2: How to connect turbo button MTS

Turbo button from MTS - is a special package of additional Internet traffic. This cellular company offers four kinds of packages: the turbo button is 100 MB, turbo button 500 MB, turbo button 2GB and turbo button 5 GB.
How to connect turbo button MTS

How to MTS to connect turbo button 100 MB

The easiest way is to dial *111*05# and press the call. Not less simple option is to send an SMS to a short number 5340 (text message - "05"). The connection cost of this package is 30 rubles, the connection is recommended for subscribers of tariff plans "MAXI Smart and MAXI Top, as well as Super BIT", "BIT", "Mini BITS", "BIT Smart" or "Super BIT Smart". It should be noted that the purchased traffic is valid only 24 hours after the package action is stopped, the unused traffic is cancelled.

How to MTS to connect turbo button 500 MB

To connect this service by typing a simple command *167#call or send SMS to 5340 (text message - "167"). The connection cost of this package is 95 rubles, the action - 30 days. This package is recommended for tablets and USB modems with rates of "Smart" or "Smart+".

How to MTS to connect turbo button 2GB

This can be done with the command *168#, or send the message "168" to the short number 5340. This package is valid for 30 days from the activation date and the expiration time (if traffic is not exhausted), it turns off automatically. The price of this service is 250 rubles.

How to MTS to connect turbo button 5 GB

To activate the service dial *169#call or send a message with the text "169" room 5340. The service lasts for 30 days from the activation date, its price - 450 rubles. Package deactivation also occurs automatically, as in other packages either after 30 days or when the limit is exceeded.

If for some reason you cannot get one of the above services, you can use your personal account MTS and connect the necessary package in the "services" section by clicking next to the desired package, click "connect".

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