Port configuration

Oddly enough, but the correct port setting can improve the processing quality of the 3G signal almost doubled. First check the speed of the port receiving the data coming from the Internet. To do this, open "device Manager" in the tab "Hardware" section of "My computer". In the tab "Ports", select "Serial port". Right click opens the possibility of access to the "port Settings" using the menu "Properties". In the "port Settings" to increase the threshold bandwidth modem default 9600бит/s to 115200бит/S. Thus, the port settings are no longer a barrier to increase speed to the upper limits.

Configuring bandwidth

To configure the bandwidth of the channel is necessary to remove restrictions that are installed by default in the menu item "computer Configuration". To do this in the "package Manager" under "Network" under "Administrative templates" double click on the command "Limit the bandwidth". Then click the options tab and check the "Enabled" and "bandwidth Limit", change "20" to "0". Confirm the settings, and click OK. Bandwidth limitations of the channel removed.

Modem settings

After all the computer settings you want to configure directly 3G USB modem. If the modem is equipped with a connector to connect an external 3G antenna, it is useful to take advantage of it. However, if the modem is formally demonstrated strong doses (see "all stripes"), and the speed is unsatisfactory, the antenna is unlikely to help. The reason for low speed in this case, most likely, is sold out of users in the network. Bandwidth of the repeater is just not enough at all. This assumption is easy to check at night when the number of people willing to "sit" on the Internet is reduced. In that case, if the strips are "not all" - can help USB extension cable. The fact that any computer is a source of interference. In addition, the capacity of the human body, and capacity of objects next to the computer and the modem, can seriously weaken the signal that is detected by the antenna of the modem.

Cord with a USB connector allows you to move the modem in a zone of reliable reception, away from sources of interference. The recommended length of this cable should not exceed 3 meters. Use cables shorter than 1.5 meters are also not recommended due to their ineffectiveness. Connect the modem via USB cable to your computer. This usually significantly improves the quality of communication.