You will need
  • cell phone;
  • repeater;
  • - passive antenna.
Interference to reception can be a massive wall, reinforced concrete or metal slab, no base stations of a particular provider. Note the cell repeaters. The device will help indoors, where it is impossible to make a call. For example, you work in a office which is located in the basement, the connection is not available on-site underground Parking, to call every time you need to go out.
The repeater will strengthen the signal from the base station operator will emit it in the direction of the mobile phone. Keep in mind, incorrectly installed system can affect performance. For installation refer to the official offices, you not only choose the right equipment and properly install.
Keep in mind, in a zone of uncertain reception networks, the phone spends a lot of energy, the cell phone battery begins to consume the charge. So follow the battery, sometimes it may simply not be enough to make the call.
If you mess around with the installation of cellular repeaters is not desirable, try a simpler version of the passive antenna amplifier. The device will work in a room where signal is there, but weak, insecure antenna stabilizes it.
This antenna not only improves the quality of communication, but also provides saving your battery consumption, reduces noise and interference that occur when talking on the phone. To install it you do not need to contact the experts, just place the antenna inside the phone, closer to the compartment with the battery.
If you are planning a trip out of town, taking with him several SIM cards of different operators. Maybe for relaxing, it is enough to change the operator – the quality of communication depends on the network coverage.