You will need
  • The phone connected to the MTS
Usage allowance per hour for the option "BIT" is 5 MB and for option "Superbit" - 15 MB in size (then the speed is reduced to 64 Kbit/s).Traffic quota per day - 70 Mbyte for option "BIT, 100 MB for option "Superbit" (after the speed is reduced to 16 Kbps).For subscribers of MTSwho have chosen the ULTRA rate, unlimited mobile Internet is available with no monthly fee within the option BIT ULTRA, which works on the principle of selecting "BITS".
In excess of the total volume of sent and received information, the speed of the Internet is reduced to 64 Kbps until the end of the hour. In case of exceeding the daily threshold total amount of data speed may be limited to 16 Kbit/s to the end of the current day; in this case, web services can be complicated.
To get rid of the speed limits, you can use "Turbobutton" from MTS. This service can be a useful addition to the options of "BITS" and "Superbit": for the duration of the "Turbo button" removed all restrictions on the amount of traffic and speed of Internet access.There are two connection options - "Turbo button "2" (50 rubles per two hours of use) and "Turbo button "6" (75 rubles for six hours of use). The fee is deducted from the account of the customer of MTS at the moment of connection. The volume of traffic is not counted.There are several connectivity options "Turbo button": to dial a short command ("Turbo button "2" — *111*622#; "Turbo button 6" — *111*626#); send it to the number 111 message ("Turbo button "2" — text 622; "Turbo button "6" — text 626; to connect by using the service "Internet assistant".