You will need
  • USB extention cord.
To increase the speed of your connection you may need to purchase a special USB extension cable that is available in every computer shop or radio shack.
Install the USB extension cable into the USB port of the computer. At the other end of the wire, insert the 3G modem and place it so that it was closer to the Windows, doors, but away from the concrete walls that block the signal, significantly affecting the data rate. The speed of connection can also change if you change your location closer to the window and away from concrete slabs.
You can also try to make some settings the Internet modem. To do this go to the settings panel of your device in accordance with the instructions supplied with the modem. In the MTU field, select a value in the range from 256 to 4096 and save the changes, then check the connection speed.
If no changes happen, try to change the setting, putting a different number, for example, 2500. If you choose the right value to use the modem fails, return the indicator to a standard indicator 1500.
If the data transfer rate dropped significantly, try to contact customer service operator who provides you with Internet access by typing the phone number that is listed on the box with your contract or on the official website of the company. It is possible that the tariff plan is the limitation of data transmission speed and increasing it, you may need to change options, SIM card or even the model of the modem.