Remember, the problem of poor reception of a specific cell phone, the operator will not solve. The megaphone, of course, improves the quality of communication is building new rigs, but the appearance of the repeater in a particular area based upon cost of equipment and not on the wishes of the subscriber. Improve the quality of communication Megaphone, just choose the suitable method.
First and foremost, pay attention to personal phone. Keep in mind, during receiving a call, the mobile phone spends more energy than in standby mode. If you have problems with the signal, follow the battery power. To the phone "had the strength" to notify you about the phone call, the battery must not be below the level of the two strips.
Keep in mind, the quality of reception is influenced by the presence of large objects, high buildings. Try moving closer to the window, go outside. If there is improvement, but not enough of them walk down the street, find the point of best coverage zone of the operator.
If you need to improve the signal in a particular area, install a repeater. GSM repeaters serve to improve the quality of cellular communication and catch it, even if you have weak signal. The antenna broadcasts it into the network coverage area Megaphone. Install the antenna in a place where there is at least one bar of signal, quality of reception MegaFon will improve dramatically. Note the technical characteristics of the GSM repeater. The frequency of your mobile operator should match the frequency of the antenna. Use the repeater able to work in several ranges.
Consider the position of a mobile phone. The incoming signal of the cellular operator is transformed relative to the antenna of the phone and is determined in a specific area from this antenna. During a call, place the phone vertically, in this position, the phone will "see" the signal operator. You will interfere with the antenna when holding the device sideways or upside down.