The link at the end of the article and download the software Loonies Admint with all the add-ons. Using this free utility you can configure the AutoPlay. This is necessary because if it is not cleaned, then it may form a large number of unnecessary programs, some of which will consume traffic. Run the application and open the Process Manager. You will see a list of programs starting with Windows. Disable those associated with applications installed in the Program Files folder, then restart the computer.
The Golden rule the maximum speed while downloading and surfing the web is the lack of third-party applications that can reduce the download speed. Therefore, never start the injection at the same time with web surfing or two downloads at the same time. To achieve maximum download speed while using Manager set it to maximum priority and upload one file. If you want to download multiple files, install them in place. If you use the torrent, disable the speed cap for download, and also set a maximum speed for the return of one kilobit per second.
For the fastest web surfing use Turbo mode in Opera browser. With it, you can save up to fifty percent of the traffic. Savings are achieved due to the fact that the information before sending it to your computer first goes through a proxy server, where it is compressed, and only then is forwarded to your PC. If the speed you lack and you don't need to work with streaming video, use the Opera mini browser in this case you will save up to ninety percent of the traffic. However, keep in mind that this browser was designed for mobile phones so to use it you'll need a java emulator.