The simplest way is to configure the browser that you have on your phone by default. The basis weight of the page when it is loaded, usually takes pictures as well as flash and java elements. Disable loading them in your browser settings, then the page weight will be reduced to virtually half, will decrease the load time to display on your phone.
You can also use Opera Mini browser. The undoubted advantage of this app is the ability to browse any web page except the pages containing the music and video for listening or viewing online. The advantages also include support for virtually all currently existing phones and smartphones. When using the web pages to first pass through a proxy server where they are compressed, losing weight up to ninety percent, and only then is forwarded to your cell phone. Due to this saves bandwidth and decreases load time. To use this browser you'll need to do a number of things.
To download the web browser, go to Then press menu "Browser" from the drop-down list, select "Opera for phones". Then click on the "Zagruzit Opera for phones and tablets". In the opened window click on "Select a version" in the "Setup via PC". Select version of Opera that is appropriate to your phone model. In case you have any doubt or are not sure which model you need, contact technical support browser. Download link will appear after you select version of Opera. This method is the most convenient as you will be able to eliminate the cost of traffic that could spend to surf the site, and to download the application.
Connect your phone to the computer. You can do this using a data cable, infrared port or bluetooth connection. The fastest and easiest is to synchronize using bluetooth, so consider using this method. Activate bluetooth on your mobile phone and turn on the visibility of the device, then start the device search on the computer. Select the downloaded application and then send it to your phone and wait for the data transfer. If you have downloaded the jar and jad files, you can use the app immediately once transfer is complete, otherwise you will need to install it on your mobile phone.