You will need
  • usb extension cable;
  • antenna;
  • amplifier Internet signal.
Connect the usb modem to the extender and try to find a place where the signal level will be higher. The apartment this place is usually near the ceiling or near a window. Find out in advance which side is the base station, in its party and should be sent to the usb modem. The Usb cable should be no more than two meters, otherwise in good signal connection can begin to break periodically.
To improve the reception of your usb modem you can use different types of antennas. On the Internet there is a lot of information on self-manufactured antenna for usb modem from scrap materials. At home, the antenna can be constructed from conventional copper wire. To do this, wrap a wire usb the modem a few turns (three to eight) at the level of SIM cards, the end of the wire to Express the size of 15-20 cm and upwards.
With the help of amplifiers of the Internet Connect signal or Connect 2.0 you can greatly increase the signal level of the usb modem and ensure its stable operation. The amplifiers are produced in Saratov Electromechanical plant "REMO" - Testing has shown that the application of booster the download speed increases by 3-4 times.
If your usb modem design provides the antenna input, to maximize the speed of Internet purchase in a specialty store cable, antenna adapter and external antenna. Connecting all the elements, install the antenna on the roof and point in the direction of the base station.
Not always the download speed depends on signal quality. It happens that with the full signal the speed is poor. This happens if there are restrictions on speed under the tariff plan. In this case, the tariff plan change will help to solve this problem.
Speed reduction can occur after exceeding a certain volume of traffic on unlimited data plans. After some time she will recover without your efforts, but in the future try to abide by the terms of the contract and not to exceed the available limit per day.