If you use a network connection at home or in the office, possible a problem such as shielding of the signal by the walls of the room in which you are. Find a place where the speed is highest. Install the antenna, then connect it to the computer from which you access the Internet using usb wire.
You can also affect the speed of Internet by using optimization processes that use it. Minimizing the number of programs that allows applications, which are the highest priority at this point in time, to use the maximum possible speed.
To maximize speed when using a web browser, disable the torrent download Manager, as well as all applications that in one way or another may affect the current podouene to the network. Also, close the application that downloads the updates, as those that are in the Explorer pane, and those that are in the tray. Run task Manager and check off the processes tab.
When you download using torrent client minimize the number of programs that use the Internet, similar to the previous step. Also configure the application so that the current download will not have restrictions, and distribution will be limited to one kilobit per second. Once the download is complete, disable this restriction. Also, specify the maximum number of downloads odnovremennoi equal to one - in this case, the channel access to the network will be the most free.
When ispolzovanie download Manager set the maximum priority for existing downloads. Also, set a limit on the number of simultaneous downloads - no more than one. Also, follow all recommendations specified in the previous steps. Minimizing the number of programs that use the Internet, you maximize free speed, free to use download Manager.