In the implementation of web surfing, configure your browser in such a way that the number of items that is loaded with information, will be minimal. In the settings disable the downloading of images as well as java and flash applications. You can also use a specialized browser Opera mini. It was originally developed for use on cell phones so you'll need to install java emulator. Specifics of Opera Mini is that before sending information on your computer it is pre-is passing through a proxy server compresses and only after that sends to your computer. Using it, you will save up to eighty percent of the traffic. You can also disable the uploading of pictures and applications, thereby minimizing the amount of traffic.
When you download a file using download Manager disable all processes that may affect an active Internet connection. Disable the torrent client other download managers and instant messengers, and antivirus. Close the application that is under the Explorer pane and in the system tray and monitor the operation by running the task Manager and open the processes tab. Do not run the application until upload is complete.
When downloading a file using torrent client, follow the recommendations outlined in the previous step. In addition, configure the application for maximum speed for a specific download. Set the limit for number of simultaneously downloadable files - one file and also limit the rate of return. To do this, select file list and click the right mouse button. In the drop-down menu, make any necessary adjustments to upload speed, and disable the restriction on the download speed, if any. Set the maximum priority for existing download and run applications that use the network connection before the download is complete.