You will need
  • Advanced System Care
Of course, the most logical way to increase the speed of Internet access is to switch to another tariff plan. Please contact the office of your service provider and activate the tariff plan with higher speed Internet connections. This method has one significant drawback – the high speed rate you need to pay more. If this is not possible, then focus on setting up your notebook, netbook or computer for fast Internet connection.
To begin to independently disable all programs that can use the Internet channel. In this case we are talking not only about such "heavy" programs like uTorrent and Skype, but the plug-ins embedded in the browser. Do try to run less apps not to load the Internet channel with unnecessary features.
Disable unnecessary services. Manual execution of this item will lead to a great loss of time. So install a special program. As an example, examine the utility Advanced System Care. Please go to the website of the manufacturer Install the utility on the computer (laptop). Run it and open the menu "system Diagnosis". Make a point of "Optimization" is active and click "Scan". After the analysis of the state of the operating system, click the "Repair". Open the menu "Cleaning Windows". Activate the "Remove spyware" and "registry Errors". And again click the "Repair"