Advice 1: How to make wristlets

For athletes and guitarists they have their practical value. But someone had noticed that the wrist strap is also beautiful. And now, turned into a kind of bracelet they adorn the hands of women of fashion... Women's leather wristband that combines the features of male brutality and female frivolity. This kind of eclecticism on the wrist.
How to make wristlets
You will need
  • Leather, leather watchbands – two pieces, a thick needle, sharp shoemaker's knife, the harsh string tone, decorative buttons, pendants, fragments of chains, charms, and glue on the skin.
Working with leather is not very easy, so enlist the patience. Leather cut two pieces the same size for the front and inside of the wristband, according to the hand size. And one piece is thinner.
From a piece of thinner cut three thin strips. Securing one end of the strips, weave the braid. Along the way weaves in your braid buttons, chains, rhinestones and anything that has a good eye and seem right – even a pendant with a portrait of a loved one! Staple the other end.
Having two holes on opposite ends of the front part of the strap, thread the ends of the braid, flatten them and glue on the reverse side.
Cut the appropriate length pieces of straps and glue also with the inside, two strap with one hand, two buckles, on the other, making the ACC for the primary ends at 0.5 cm.
It's time to sew the inner side of a second piece of leather. Pick a thread tone on tone, bend both parts at 0.5 cm and sew the overlock seam. Now in your wardrobe there is a wristband.
You can paint the skin for braids in a different color, such as red, instead of the straps to stick the Velcro (though decoration is diminished, lacing, two braids. You can sew the edges of the wristband fringe, pieces of fur, black lace. Then, perhaps, the number of "bells and whistles" will have to subtract or to leave one pigtail. Be creative and you will succeed!

Advice 2: Why do we need wristbands

The wristband is a popular accessory for tennis players and not only. It is a small knitted bandage that is worn on wrists. So, for what need this piece of sports equipment?
Why do we need wristbands

First, wristlets need for better fixation of the brush in the joints when you have to perform various sharp or sudden movements with your hand. They help protect from damage this part of the body. Especially the wristlets necessary to tennis players, athletes and those who work with more weight on the bar. Of course, the representatives of other sports can use wrist straps in training or in competition.

Secondly, with the long game on the court or on the court players there is a strong sweating. Using the wristband, they can wipe the sweat dripping from his forehead. Otherwise it may get into the eye and distract the athlete from the game. This often becomes a cause of injury.

Thirdly, wristlets help to keep the temperature of your wrist. They are relevant not only tennis players, volleyball players, runners, and writers, guitar players, that is, all those who perform repetitive hand movements and have the ability to damage them. But if your wrist is already "warmed up", something to hurt it that much harder. It is also important to choose the right under the wrist strap, to prevent it from dangling on the arm and did not press her.

You can even give other reasons of wearing wristlets. It is a fairly common accessory among young people, which allows you to stand out from the crowd. It gives a certain style and brightness of the image of man, is a complement to the clothes. It can also be worn as advertisement of some well-known company or brand. The wrist brace place logo and use it to attract the attention of potential buyers.

Besides, you can always make a strap to order and write on it what you like: your thoughts, life principles, etc. Wristband can be made from leather or knitted fabric. It all depends on the preferences of the person. It, among other things, you can present as gift to friends or loved ones birthday.

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