You will need
  • - palette
  • - red paint
  • yellow paint
  • paper, canvas, etc.
  • - brush
Before you start drawing, make sure the palette is clean, there are no foreign particles (e.g. dust, hairs from the brush), then your color will be more pure and will go smoother. Also, consider how you want to get the orange color: mixing paints on the palette or on paper.
If you decide to mix paint on the palette, first apply a small amount of red paint, and then yellow.
Then blend them with a brush or small spatula (palette knife). If you mix the paint in equal parts, you get the classic bright orange color.
If you decide to mix paint on paper, you need to understand that this mixing is different from getting paint on the palette, the fact that in this case the colors are not physically connected to a different color, but simply drawn on paper or canvas one by one, like overlapping each other, which gives the desired effect. There is a small nuance: if you apply yellow to red, the orange is brighter than in the case if you first applied the yellow, and on it red
If you are using oil paint, then there is a third method of producing the orange color: this strokes applied red and yellow paint is very close to that (especially away) creates the desired effect.