You will need
  • Plastic bottle, glue "Moment"; soft cloth; awl; large safety pin or a large tailor; wide elastic.
The advantages of this method are obvious: it is not necessary to spend big money to buy "real" knee pads, no need to invent extravagant ways of tailoring these necessary parts of leather, synthetic leather and to fill this "skin" some stuff "for softness". And, besides, plastic knee pads, almost weightless thing that takes up very little space, so that it is possible to take with you anywhere.
Cut-out bottle rectangle – shield to protect the knee joints. Can make it more or less depending on your personal comfort and, of course, physical parameters. Optimal size – 15 inches up and 15 inches down, if you count from the patella. Thanks to this "pattern" knee pad will not interfere with operation of the muscles and joints, will not constrain movements and it hurts to crash into the skin.
The inner side of the plastic flaps gently run a soft cloth. So she "went" inside and constantly not off, its better to stick to the plastic with glue.
The sides of each plastic part with an awl or a large pin bore holes – two for each flap.
In the hole insert the rubber bands that will keep the knee pads on your feet. Better gum paste large: then they will be easy to adjust to size of foot and tie.