You will need
  • - fabric for the mittens;
  • - ready templates or cardboard to manufacture them;
  • - a sewing machine.
Select the material for sewing gloves. This can be a thick fabric (jeans, cloth, canvas, leather) or soft (cloth, split leather-suede). If you want to knit warm mittens, and need the insulation (batting, wadding, fur). If the fabric you have little, it can be combined - so sometimes you get very interesting and practical model.
Make a template if there are no ready patterns. To do this, trace your hand on heavy cardboard and add 1.5 cm to freedom of fit and 1 cm for seams. On the final pattern estimate, do not be too big or too small the model is made. Get ready the pattern under your hand.
Place the pattern mittens on the fabric and trace with chalk or pencil. If tissue is not enough, combine a few pieces, not forgetting bridging the seams. To avoid confusion, you can first find the glove on one hand and too late to make the second. If you cut it out once all the parts, put a chalk of different color marks on the parts for right and left hands. Remember - details, nested inside for warm gloves should be a little less.
Sew on the machine-cut parts and trim the excess fabric at the seams. Turn the mitten on the front side. Fold and attrocity open lower sections or sewn them. If the fabric is very thick, you can handle the edge of the braid.
For winter models for each pair will need to make 4 gloves. Two are of thick fabric and two from the heater. Details of insulation and sew inside out, put in the billet top. If you plan to hang the gloves on a hanger, make loops. For loops suitable braid or heavy lace. Sew the eyelet to the edge of the spoon, opposite the thumb. So it won't interfere with work. Open bottom cut sewn gloves or coat with braid.