Contact your insurance company if you have a contract of voluntary medical insurance. Keep in mind that not all VMI programs provide the opportunity to use the services of therapists at home. If your contract includes this item, employee of the insurance company itself will contact the therapist and cause it to your address. Otherwise you will have to apply to the district hospital.
Find out reception phone your local clinic. You can call the number "03" where you prompt the number of the desired medical facilities. You can also contact the city help Desk, use a conventional search on the Internet or request this information from the neighbors.
Make sure that your medical insurance is valid. If the document has expired, you will have to use medical services on a fee basis.
Get your Russian passport if you have never been treated in your local hospital, and you do not instituted a medical card.
Call the clinic registry and tell the employee what you want to call the doctor at home. If necessary, give information about your name, surname, address of registration, date of birth. Will also provide your insurance. Make a call as early as possible, as it is in the morning formed a list of call sites. If for entrance, you must dial an access code at the intercom, report it to a staff member of the registry, it will make a mark in the map call.
Prepare for the visit of a therapist. Hang in the bathroom clean hand towel and prepare the shoes, if they are in stock that the doctor did not off his shoes.
Call an ambulance if you require urgent medical assistance. Call the number "03", but keep in mind that the connection with the operator, it may take some time.