With incident disease during working days and hours call the clinic and call the doctor at home. Name the name of child, age, home address, and the symptoms of the disease. The pediatrician will visit you during the day, will examine the child and prescribe treatment, examination or given a direction to the hospital. Doctor need to wait to provide him access, especially if you live in a private house and have dogs. Dogs need to close the gates to open.
If a child is ill the evening, weekends or holidays, when children's clinic is closed, call an ambulance. Also an ambulance should be called if high fever or shortness of breath appeared, appeared cyanotic skin, nasolabial triangle or redness, the child lost consciousness, burned or injured, that is, in all cases, when a pediatrician from the clinic have to wait once and the child needs immediate medical attention. Send someone from relatives or neighbors to meet the ambulance, turn on the light near the entrance or home, get the dogs and get ready for the ride to the hospital.
In some cases, if you wish, you can contact the private medical clinic or to pay the private family doctor who will visit you on the first call. This option is suitable for the wealthy and not cancel the call the ambulance in case of emergencies. The only thing you can change is to go with a child for treatment in a private clinic or in the house paid the usual hospital.