Tattoos vary in price, appearance, size of the picture. Children can come very cheap that they can afford on pocket money. Adults can afford more expensive options. Low price and fragility transfer tattoos allow you to experiment as much as necessary. Using iron-on transfer tattoo, you can create a unique image, and then easy and painless to change roles.
The simplest way to make a temporary tattoo is to apply decals. This method is especially popular with the children. Tattoo-"transporting" can be sold separately or in a package, for example, from chewing gum. To make this plain tattoo, to moisten the reverse side of the picture-"transporting", should be placed on the skin and after a few seconds, gently peel off. Minus the tattoo this conversion in that it immediately begins to wrinkle on the skin.
To avoid this, you can use transferrable tattoo alcohol based, over which is superimposed a special paint top coat. Application of such tattoo are found to be in non-specialized salons and unskilled craftsmen. But for a nominal (compared to a real tattoo) fee you will have something to impress their friends and girlfriends unexpected pattern. It is true that such tattoos are usually kept to a few days.
Temporary tattoos, including transfer — the best option for those who do not want or are not willing to take a chance to make a real tattoo. Same with transfer tattoo, you can find out for yourself whether you need a permanent design on the body - tattoo for life, which is not so easy to remove and do not rinse as decals.