You will need
  • Decal-tattoo, soft cosmetic tissues or cotton pads, warm water, scrub for body, spirit lotion.
Thoroughly clean the surface of the skin, which will glue a picture to the tattoo. It is advisable to treat the area with body scrub. It removes upper dead skin cells, and the picture will be better to stay. Rinse off the scrub, dry the skin and treat it alcohol lotion for extra degreasing. Do not use the creams!
Very carefully remove the transparent protective film from the decal-tattoo. Try not to damage the film image, the remaining paper-based, because it is very thin and dry very fragile.
Put the picture image down (to the skin) for the selected area of the body. This will position the picture so that it looked on the body the most advantageous. In the case of a failure location to put this tattoo you will not succeed, it will be spoiled.
Apply to paper-based tattoo moist washcloth or cotton pad. Not save water, the matter should be slightly damp, but rather wet. Gently, but pretty firmly press the cloth against the tattoo for about 30 seconds maybe a little longer. Make sure all the paper substrate of the tattoo moist and was uniformly wet.
Carefully remove the paper from the surface of the translated tattoo. The more the size of your tattoo, the more it is necessary to remove the paper, taking care not to damage the film image. If you see that the surface of the tattoo is rough, has creases, at this stage, as long as the picture is still wet, you can correct these flaws. Carefully smooth down the picture, trying not to tear it. Then, if the surface of the skin with a tattoo too wet, gently DAB the image with a soft cosmetic tissue.