Advice 1: How to transfer a pattern on the skin

In order to move any figure or inscription on the body, there are several options. The most common of them – permanent or temporary tattoo. The patterning in this case is rather painful, a possible inflammation on the skin. Those who fear the complications of transferring the pattern on the skin of the body, you can resort to other methods.
How to transfer a pattern on the skin
You will need
  • Copy paper, medical or formic alcohol, cotton, cloth, adhesive tape, pencil, tracing paper, gel pen, soap.
Apply the method of drawing on the body using carbon paper or transfer paper. If you chose writing or drawing, who would like to translate, decide the place on the body where it will be. Grease this place with medical alcohol. It disinfects the skin and will remove it with fat. Alcohol is not clean, it is still useful.
Now you need to transfer the pattern onto the carbon paper. To do this, draw the outline of the picture on the ink side of the carbon paper sharpened pencil or other sharp object. Moisten liberally with rubbing alcohol skin. Apply it on the carbon paper ink side down. Press the paper to the body, attaching thereto a dry cloth. Try not to move the carbon paper on the body. Drawing should be imprinted on the skin. Color it what color you use carbon paper.
With a poorly printed image on the body, fasten it on the carbon paper face down with duct tape. Trace over the contours again the inscription on the copy paper with a sharp object, removing the blueprint from the body.
Another method of transferring the pattern on the skin of the body takes place with the help of tracing paper. Image draw on wretched paper handle with helium content. The color of the gel pen choose according to your desire. But best of all, the skin imprinted the outlines from black, red or dark green gel pens.
Body skin grease with medical alcohol. Now wipe it with a piece of soap. Attach the tracing paper face down on the treated area of the skin. Trace the image onto tracing paper with a sharp pencil or other object. The gel is imprinted on the body. This figure will not be too flashy. Besides, he is short-lived. Generally, when the image applied with the help of tracing paper, like the figure fixed on the body with a tattoo.
If you decide to make a real tattoo on your body, choose a skilled tattoo specialist and visit of the treatment cabin, which has been a long time and has proved itself from the best side during this time.
Check if the master of the procedure disinfection of your body, your hands, tools. Make sure that the tattoo artist was in sterile gloves, when he will cause you a durable tattoo on the body.

Advice 2 : How to translate drawing on the body

A very popular form of jewelry of your own body in people of different age became a tattoo.
With the help of special tools applied to the skin a tattoo representing a certain figure or inscription. This procedure is painful because the skin is subjected to numerous needle punctures. But despite this, fans of tattoos every day, month, and year becomes more and more. It should also be remembered that this procedure should take place in specialized workshops, otherwise there is a huge risk to earn a blood infection.
How to translate drawing on the body
Before you begin the procedure of drawing on the body, you must transfer the tattoo sketch to the skin area where the client wishes. There are several ways of transferring the pattern on the human body.
The first method. Once you have chosen your suitable visitor pattern, put it on carbon paper. For this place it that side up, where a large number of coloring substances. Using any pointed object draw style of the figure. With the dye from the transfer paper will be in the picture.
A sheet with a picture to apply pre-moistened with alcohol the skin, lock. The pattern should be stamped on the skin, but if not, use a pointed object to cut around.
The second method. Drawing translate on a tracing-paper with gel pens. The place where it is planned to produce the patterning, pre-disinfect and apply soap. Attach the tracing paper to the place with a pointed object, move the pattern on the body.
After all this you can directly start applying the tattoo.
Time does not stand still, developing new types of paints that are adapted specifically for tattooing. Before the procedure, you should be tested for allergic reactions and portability that your body chemical dye.
The most important thing when applying a tattoo is to observe the sterility. Make sure to put on sterile gloves and cleaned all the necessary tools very carefully. Because health is much more than a nice figure on the body.

Advice 3 : How long does a tattoo drawn

Tattoo – a talisman, which can bring luck and misfortune. A lot depends on how balanced is the solution. If you doubt their desire, the ideal option in this situation will be drawn tattoo. Are applied to body image are of different types and are held from 1 to 3 weeks.
How long does a tattoo drawn

Drawn tattoo: varieties and their "validity"

There are many variations drawn tattoo:

Glitter-tattoo. This temporary tattoo is applied with a hypoallergenic adhesive, special dry stencil and colored sparkles (rhinestones). Glitter tattoos can stay on the body from 1 to 2 weeks. Experts say that this kind of tattoo is one of the safest figures on the body. That is why it can be done even by little children.

Tattoo colors. To draw her you can use hypoallergenic glue that is different colours and special top coat. The validity of this "tattoo" is from 1 to 2 weeks.
Symbolic patterns painted with henna, a fascinating look at the body, and after washing they don't leave a single trace.

Henna tattoo, "mehndi" (biotatu). Henna painting is most popular among girls and women. It has a number of advantages, as:
- it is most similar to the real tattoo;
natural henna does not cause allergies;
- it is minimally penetrates the skin;
- this tattoo lasts up to 2-3 weeks.

How to extend the "life" painted a henna tattoo

How long will last your drawn tattoo largely depends on compliance with the following guidelines:

Before you draw the tattoo, be sure to do skin peeling and waxing guide.
Clean and smooth skin is the first rule to ensure that your tattoo lasted as long as possible.

After painting, try not to swim in salt water, while water-based treatments to avoid soap and various scrubs.

Try to reduce physical activity to tattoo does not begin to fall due to heavy sweating.

Note that the most persistent areas of the body under the tattoo are the wrist, neck (back), ankle. Tattoo drawn on her chest, neck (front) or stomach are erased much faster.

If you can influence the choice of ingredients in henna, make sure that you've mixed natural henna, ground coffee beans or black tea, lavender oil, sugar. This temporary tattoo can last up to 1 month.

After applying image brush tattoo sesame or almond oil.

Performing all these items, you will be able to enjoy a temporary tattoo a lot longer than expected.
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