Before you begin the procedure of drawing on the body, you must transfer the tattoo sketch to the skin area where the client wishes. There are several ways of transferring the pattern on the human body.
The first method. Once you have chosen your suitable visitor pattern, put it on carbon paper. For this place it that side up, where a large number of coloring substances. Using any pointed object draw style of the figure. With the dye from the transfer paper will be in the picture.
A sheet with a picture to apply pre-moistened with alcohol the skin, lock. The pattern should be stamped on the skin, but if not, use a pointed object to cut around.
The second method. Drawing translate on a tracing-paper with gel pens. The place where it is planned to produce the patterning, pre-disinfect and apply soap. Attach the tracing paper to the place with a pointed object, move the pattern on the body.
After all this you can directly start applying the tattoo.
Time does not stand still, developing new types of paints that are adapted specifically for tattooing. Before the procedure, you should be tested for allergic reactions and portability that your body chemical dye.
The most important thing when applying a tattoo is to observe the sterility. Make sure to put on sterile gloves and cleaned all the necessary tools very carefully. Because health is much more than a nice figure on the body.